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Do more with, and get more from your network

Zinnect is a product that will help you to stay on top of your network, get the most out of your network, and give the most back to your network. Founder Anika Bastin came up with this idea of contextual to-dos since all the popular task tracking systems lacked this. She found this unique need when interacting with several silicon valley professionals who were using round about ways to tackle this problem and needed a better way to connect and leverage their network.

No noise

Organize what you need to do for your connections and sometimes with them in a simple and easy to use experience. Get reminded to get your work done and stay on top of your follow ups. If you are in sales or business development, you have to get zinnected.

No spam

Leverage the power of your networks using a spam free environment where your connections and connectability are strictly private. No one can spam you with connection requests or spam you with messages. You, as well as everyone in your network are known to each other. Spammers are strictly prohibited and if anyone gets flagged for spam, they will be removed from the system.